I’ve long been a proponent of having a mentor and coach to help propel me from where I am to where I want to be.

Over the years, I’ve had many mentors and coaches, some directly and some indirectly through books and audio products.   I’ve had business mentors, life coaches, property mentors, system coaches, presentation coaches, vocal coaches and more!

Napoleon Hill talks about the mastermind principle in his seminal text “Think and Grow Rich” where he extolls the virtues of having a group of people whom you can share your ideas, thoughts and challenges with in order to get their advice.

But where do you find a mentor who is qualified to give you advice and guidance that’s right for you and what skills do they have?

You can find them at networking events, online forums, seminars and many other places but often it’s very difficult to know whether they are the right type of mentor for you and whether they have the right level of experience and skill set to help you.

My skill sets are many and varied and include:-

  • managing a national lettings agency with over 500 units under management
  • Building up my own profitable £3.5 million pound HMO portfolio within 18 months
  • educating over 1000 investors on how to run a profitable HMO portfolio
  • creating the number one authority site on HMO’s in the UK
  • delivering on £1.5 million pounds worth of build projects in Northampton over a 12 month period
  • speaking at over 300 gigs over the last five years to over 10,000 people
  • Fully accredited with EMLAS
  • Highest level of Accommodation Plus standard in Derby
  • managed and gained over 30 HMO licences across 15 district councils
  • delivered on over £200,000 worth of furniture packages for landlords across the UK
  • created, fine-tuned and enhanced a 350 page operations manual for a lettings and portfolio management company
  • co-founded and managed a music and arts festival in Raunds which is still going strong 10 years later
  • managed pricing for over 130 car hire stations in the UK and added £1 million pounds contribution to the bottom line
  • Head of Revenue Management for EMEA for RCI and managed team of 11 who drove additional revenues of $20 million in three years

My focus is upon sustainable businesses that create great cashflow every month, allow the business  owner to have fun and to achieve their goals at the same time!

I run the following programmes:

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